How to Choose to The Right Lipstick Shade For You

An ineffectively picked shade of lipstick can spoil your entire look. It is important to pick the shade that puts your look together and projects the aura of a confident boss chic.
With these easy steps, you are well on your way to a snatched look because we turning up that glow in 2019. Amen?

How to Choose the right lipstick shade for your skin tone

  • Determining your skin tone is the first step to finding the perfect lipstick. Generally, there are 5 major skin shades; fair, light, medium, tan, and deep which can be determined by making a fist and seeing the vein color that appears on you skin. For people with high presence of melanin, the skin tone would generally vary from medium to deep.

  • Apply the lipstick on your lower lip to test. If the color varies strongly from your upper lip, then it is not the perfect shade for you except you feel confident about it.

  • Depending on the look you want to achieve. If you want your lips looking thinner, darker or matte lipsticks will be the ideal shade for you and vice versa

  • Ask for help at the make up store- some stores have professionals/make up artists to guide your selection process.
    Experiment- try on different shades and colors and pick what you feel comfortable with.

I hope these steps help you find the suitable shade of lipstick for you. Really, there are no rules, once you feel okay with it do it girl!!!! because #YOLO and do what makes you happy.  Please share with me how you identify your shade of lipstick. Also are you a red princess or nude beast?

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